Ingenuity School of Health

We equip our graduates with the knowledge, skills and values essential for a confident medical laboratory technologist , nursing professional, and to develop career as counsellor  in a 21st-century healthcare environment.

Uniqueness of Ingenuity Health Teaching

At the Ingenuity School, we develop caring, clinically outstanding, research-ready medical laboratory technologists, nursing professional to lead in a rapidly changing healthcare world.

We are a diverse community of students, staff, researchers and clinicians, who take pride in supporting talented individuals from all backgrounds to succeed in making a difference.

With unrivalled access to a range of  patients’ requirements from different  hospitals and teaching from expert clinicians and researchers, students  will develop the skills, knowledge and confidence for lifelong professional success.

Core Foundation in Laboratory Science

Students are taught using a body systems approach in a variety of formats including lectures, clinical skills, laboratory practices and experimental sessions,  outdoor and case-based learning by a range of academic and clinical experts.

Assessment for learning opportunities are followed by feedback from experts to ensure students understand key concepts.

Technological innovation

At the Ingenuity School, we recognise that technology is shaping the future of medicine and seek to develop students’ understanding of how this will affect their own future practice.

The School of laboratory technology teaching is at the forefront of technology enhanced laboratory practices learning, utilising  information technology , virtual reality, augmented reality and simulation to provide students with an exceptional learning experience.

Our students have access to a  practice learning environment and their own personal e-portfolio throughout the programme to support their learning and record their educational journey.

Enhanced learning and teaching

The Ingenuity School of Health excels at equipping graduates with key  laboratory and clinical skills and experience of practice in a standard laboratory and quality control and patient care setting.

Clinical skills and simulation

The Clinical Care and Laboratory  Resource Centre, and centres across the region, develop our students’ confident practice of clinical assessment and procedures. New skills and procedures are introduced in sequence, as the curriculum unfolds across the course.

Our patient care centres develop thinking on immediate patient assessment and team dynamics. This integrated approach to learning makes use of high-fidelity manikins, virtual reality displays, and augmented reality to provide students with exceptional learning experiences that ensure they are prepared for practice in a busy clinical environment.

Clinical leadership

We are proud of our unique approach to preparing students for their role as leaders within the health service. We provide students with experiential learning opportunities outside of the traditional healthcare or classroom environment that develop their skills in a variety of contexts.

Specialist clinical and laboratory teaching

Students will have the advantage of being taught by clinical experts in Haematology Day Care Centre ,  research specialists in Nanobiotechnology Research Foundation. Students also benefit from teaching and research links with the blood bank and laboratory of Indian Association of Blood Cancer & Allied Diseases.

Primary care, safety and quality assurance are  key focus of our laboratory technology and nursing care curriculum. As well as community and General Practice placements, students benefit from regular small group classroom-based teaching throughout the course, led by General Practitioners within the Faculty. This supports an understanding of the impact of care delivery, for both patient and practitioner.

Learning community

Ingenuity Health School students join a large network of professionals for life, and their development is supported by a skilled team.

Academic support

Students are supported throughout their course by their Academic Advisors and also benefit from the school’s peer mentoring group, which links them to students in a later year to meet with and discuss their studies.


The School also provides a dedicated career advisor who delivers one-to-one advice,  which allow students to explore the broad range of employment opportunities that follow a Ingenuity School of Heath diploma.