Our Mission, Vision and Values

OUR VISION: A world class research and translation centre in Global Health working towards a world in which all people can enjoy health.

OUR MISSION: To improve Global Health and promote Health Equity, through excellence in research, translation and application of knowledge.


  1. Excellence: We consider excellence in research and translation as a perquisite condition to fulfil our mission. This must be achieved through innovative and competitive research, through national, international and multidisciplinary collaborations.
  2. Commitment to Haematology, Transfusion Medicine and Public Health : We view our research as a scientific area within Global Public Health and express our willingness and commitment towards contributing to Immunohaematology, Cancer, Diabetes and Public Health actions to promote the health of populations.
  3. Independence: We preserve our scientific independence by setting our own goals and through pursuing them accordingly.
  4. Respect for Diversity: We develop projects and solutions aimed at meeting the challenges of Global Health, while respecting the diverse social and cultural context where they are implemented.
  5. Highest Ethical Standards
  6. Creativity in a friendly work environment
  7. Fairness, Accountability and Transparency
  8. We work because work can be fun, fulfilling and exciting